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    Codename Whitetiger


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    Codename Whitetiger Empty Codename Whitetiger

    Post  Whitetiger Thu Aug 04, 2011 5:43 am

    Character Name: Codename Whitetiger
    Secret ID: Lucian

    Game Information
    Role: DPS
    Power Set: Mental/Telekinesis
    Weapon: Dual Pistols
    Other game information: Sometimes uses one-handed weapons.

    IC Character Informaion
    Apparent Age: 28
    True Age: 143
    Race: Kahn
    Gender: Male
    Hair: Black
    Skin: White
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: 5’9”
    Weight: 196 lbs
    Body Composition: Solid athletic build of flesh and blood
    Mental State: Protected

    Place of Residence: None
    Place of Birth: Jungles of Kora
    Known Relatives: Deceased
    Friends: Chelsey Chancelia and Hammer Corp
    Enemies: All Reptaurs

    Nationality: The Aenian Province

    History: Whitetiger grew up on a planet similar to Earth in size and environment named Kora. However it is many many galaxies away. Kora is a little more technologically advanced than Earth. Kora has also made contact with many more worlds than Earth as well. Kora has fewer cities by far and more jungles. They are similar to the rain forest in many respects. There are cities in the trees. Kora is populated by three major species: Kahns, Canids, and Reptaurs. Kahns resemble bipedal cats and are more mentally advanced than the other species. Canids resemble bipedal dogs that are physically stronger than the other species. Reptaurs resemble bipedal lizards that are more technologically advanced and by far more warring and conquer hungry than the other species. Koran enhabitants live much longer than humans. Their life expectancy is close to five hundred years or longer in some cases. In other cases their life is cut short due to the constant war with the other species of Kora. When Whitetiger was the equivalent of a teen his mental powers of telekinesis and illusion developed. Immediately he was whisked away to serve in an elite military force to protect Sora, the Kahns religious leader. For years he trained in many weapons and learned to hone his mental prowess. A relatively nearby planet named Annastria had come to a warless state. There was still conflict of course but no all out war. Sora was tired of the constant war between the races and set off on a secret mission to go to Annastria. She wished to speak to the world leaders to find out how they came to such a peaceful state. Sora hoped that Kora could become such a way as well. She gathered up a few of her brightest and best bodyguards. Whitetiger was one of these bodyguards. During the mission they were attacked. There were multiple explosions and the ship was destroyed. Whitetiger thought he was done for but he awoke to the sound of a female’s voice. It was Oracle. After destroying the harvester ship he was imprisoned in he was approached by a being named Superman. Knowing no other role he has become a protector of Earth and a member of the JLA. Desperate to find some of his own kind he protects Earth from Braniac and any other threat in hopes to one day find someone from his own planet.

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    Codename Whitetiger Empty Officer Ravirez

    Post  Whitetiger Wed Aug 24, 2011 6:07 pm

    Character Name: Officer Ravirez
    Secret ID: Maria Ravirez

    Game Information
    Role: DPS
    Power Set: Gadgets/Traps
    Weapon: One-handed
    Other game information: Uses dual pistols and rifles.

    IC Character Information
    Apparent Age: 19
    True Age: 24
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Hair: Black
    Skin: Tan/tattooed
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: 5’5”
    Weight: 140 lbs
    Body Composition: Solid athletic build of flesh and blood
    Mental State: Serious and focused

    Place of Residence: JLA Watchtower
    Place of Birth: Brazil on Earth One
    Known Relatives: Father-Juan Ravirez, Mother-Julianna Ravirez
    Friends: Hammer Corp
    Enemies: Brainiac and Deathstroke

    Nationality: Brazilian

    History: Maria grew up living a normal childhood in Brazil. Her family was middle class but enjoyed few niceties. The Ravirez family is a humble family that doesn’t like to boast or show off what they have. In high school she joined the soccer and track team. She would run to school every morning. Every morning she passed by this large mansion. Occasionally she would see people outside training on an obstacle course that was built through the front gardens. There were two officers posted outside the gates and two across the street. When she would jog past she would glance in she grew nervous and anxious. The first time she stopped to look. One of the officers, whom she grew to call Eduardo, said to “run along little lady”. One day during her senior year she stopped and asked Eduardo what they were doing in there. His only response was “Training to be the best little lady.” Not only was Maria a great athlete she was intelligent too. She graduated at the top of her class. After graduation she applied to many colleges but that wasn’t really where she wanted to go. Every college she applied to she got in to so she had many choices. One day she decided. She walked up to the mansion and asked Eduardo how to get in. He responded that you have to be absolutely sure to join. She stood up tall and proud and said that she was sure. All Eduardo did was walk over and open the gate. The other officers laughed and scoffed at Maria. All through training she was mocked and made fun of. One day she made the decision that she would show them all. Maria quickly accelerated through all the classes and the studying. She worked out while studying and worked out every afternoon. In her third year she asked to take the final. Everyone laughed at her including the captain who had final say. He stating people training at this academy spend decades sometimes training before they can even think about passing. She once again stood tall and proud. Her reply was “I’m not them.” He wouldn’t let her take it. The following year she again approached the captain. Every officer including him laughed at her and said no. This only fueled her to train harder. She trained her body to only sleep three hours. The rest of the time she worked out and studied. She still took breaks to stay healthy but she pushed herself hard. The fifth year of academy she asked again only to be laughed at. Finally on the sixth year she approached the captain. All the officers laughed including the captain. This time however she said “I’m ready.” The captain got a serious look on his face and studied her up and down. She stood tall and proud at attention not being phased by the scrutiny. He said to her that her oral exam section would take place DURING her obstacle course. This was never done. She simply said “I’m ready.” The grueling tests began. Every officer in the academy stopped to watch her do her obstacle course AND oral exam. It was unheard of and they all came to watch her fail. During that part her written exam was graded and she passed. Finally at the end of the obstacle course the captain stood. When he saw her come over the final wall his jaw dropped. Maria had passed and only gotten three questions wrong total. Maria is now on her first assignment to Earth 4281 to assist in defending it against Brainiac and any other forces that threaten the Multiverse. She is a Multiverse Special Agent. An officer who specializes in multiverse criminals that endanger the fragile structure that holds it together.

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