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    Character Name: Lunar Sentinel
    Secret I.D.: Carlos Alberto Cortez

    Game Information
    Role: DPS
    Power Set: Light
    Weapons: Fists/Handblasters
    Other game info: N/A

    IC Character Information
    Apparent Age: 25
    True Age: 25
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Skin: Light brown.
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: 6’2"
    Weight: 180 lbs
    Body Composition: Athletic, medium-build, muscular, well defined.
    Mental State: Sane
    Place of Residence: Metropolis
    Place of Birth: Metropolis
    Known Relatives: Eduardo Cortez (father, deceased), Alicia Hernandez (mother, deceased), Thomas Cortez (brother, alive, 12), Lydia Hernandez (aunt, alive, 35)
    Friends: ??
    Enemies: Villains
    Nationality: Mexican/American

    History: Eduardo Cortez and Alicia Hernandez were two single Mexican youngsters that moved from the northern Mexican state of Coahuila into Smallville Kansas, looking for work at the farms. Both of them met each other in a small bar during karaoke night when they were only 17, and soon married and had a child. That child was born in the Metropolis general hospital, and was named Carlos Alberto. Carlos, who they lovinly nicknamed Charlie was born as an American citizen, and soon found himself the pride and joy of a small family of 3 living in peaceful Smallville. That was until when he was 12, his parents were fired from their jobs, on top of that it turned out his mother Alicia was now pregnant. Due to his limited experience, the only new job that his father Eduardo could find was as a security guard at a mall in Metropolis. At age 13 Carlos and his newly born brother Thomas found themselves living in the Suicide Slums in Metropolis. Carlos at first found himself bullied and pushed around, but he grew up with the mentality of always standing up for himself that his parents had instilled in him, soon he found himself a place in Suicide Slum as a member of a community center, where he shaped up in academics.

    When he was 18 Carlos finally decided against his parents wishes to join the Marine Corps, partly because he didn't want to be a burden on them, but mostly out of a sense of love and responsibility towards his country, inspired by heroes such as Superman and the Green Lantern Corps. He was a patriot, who had learned to love the American dream and what he felt it represented. Carlos attended basic training, and school of infantry coming up top of his class with the rank of Private First Class.

    Shortly after Carlos found himself being called to his first tour in Iraq.

    Carlos came in to Iraq during the peak of the war, at what was probably it's most violent. He took part in 17 missions, and 160 patrols, at age 20 he had already seen a lot of combat, and managed to come out on top during each one, demonstrating enough courage and quick thinking to get promoted to the rank of Corporal. Carlos did another tour to Iraq the following year, and a tour to Afghanistan the next one. Climbing ranks each time up to Gunnery Sergeant.

    However, in the middle of his third tour to Afghanistan, at age 23, Carlos received news that his parents had been killed during a convenience store robbery back in Metropolis, and there seemed to be no one back home to care for Thomas, his little brother. After his request for a leave of absence was denied, Carlos punched his Commanding Officer in the face, causing himself to get a dishonorable discharge. Coming back into civilian life was hard enough on Carlos, but becoming the primary care taker for his brother was not at all easy either. He received a job as a busboy in a small comedy club near home, and also took up a part time job as a bike messenger. Carlos almost found himself losing custody of his brother due to the amount of time he spent at work. However, their social worker was sympathetic enough to allow Carlos a second chance. Luckily, their mother's sister moved in from Mexico to help them out as a caregiver for Thomas, but she was unable to get a job due to her poor English. Now Carlos found himself with 2 mouths to feed, but eventually found the answer to his troubles when he was given the chance to perform at the comedy club he was working at.

    His quick thinking, and unusual wit, as well as his willingness to improvise and say what he was thinking at the moment made him a popular fixture in the club, and soon many other clubs in Metropolis. It seemed likely that Carlos' career as a stand-up comedian would soon take off.

    Or at least that was until the night the Guardians of Oa seemingly decided to deputize as many people as they could as Lanterns. At first, Carlos refused the call, and hid the ring in his dresser drawer. That was at least until Brainiac's occupation started. Before he left, his brother gave him a small sketch of him a super-hero named Lunar Sentinel, a name Carlos took as his own. Soon, he found himself leaving for training again, this time under aliens Kilowog (who he lovingly nicknamed Pig-face) and B'dg, who was apparently a NOT squirrel (but sure looked like one). Upon completing his basic training as a Lantern, he was allowed to return back to Earth to help the Justice League who were currently overrun by Brainiac's forces to say nothing of their usual supervillains and their armies of new recruits.

    Carlos took an important role in rallying the Green Lantern's forces to repel Sinestro's attack, even personally taking on Arkillo. But soon, he found his own home in danger when he found out Atlantis had begun an invasion on Suicide Slums and enslaved his family through magical means. It was then that he, along with a small contingent of other heroes, confronted and brought down General Kordax and freed most of the people the Atlanteans had enslaved, including his own brother and aunt. This accomplishment was big enough to draw the attention of the Hammer Corps. Azure Hammer, leader of the Hammer Corps, soon recruited him into his league of crime fighters (after an extensive interview process).

    Lunar Sentinel soon found himself the newest member of the Hammer Corps, but now also finds himself out of a job, barely scraping by with what he makes as a comedian.

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