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    Chelsey Chancelia (fixed)


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    Chelsey Chancelia (fixed) Empty Chelsey Chancelia (fixed)

    Post  Chelsey Mon May 02, 2011 4:14 pm

    Character Name: Chelsey Chancelia
    Secret ID: Agent 43

    Game Information
    Role: controller/dps
    Power Set: Tech
    Weapon: Dual Wield
    Other game information: speedster

    IC Character Information
    Apparent Age: 20
    True Age:25
    Race: mixed ethnicity, appears Caucasian
    Gender: female
    Hair: dark auburn
    Skin: fair complexion
    Eyes: grey-blue
    Height: 5’4”
    Weight: 135Lb
    Body Composition: normal athletic human (flesh and bone)
    Mental State: eccentric, usually cheerful, but certain triggers will send her into a preprogrammed mental state similar to an alternate personality.

    Place of Residence: Gotham Hammer Tower
    Place of Birth: St. Paul, Minnesota
    Known Relatives: Hope Chancelia(twin sister), Francis “Frank” Chancelia (father), Yanira Muto(mother)
    Friends: out of touch with her former friends, meeting new ones
    Enemies: No particular individuals, but she is avoiding discovery by the US Government.

    Nationality: American


    Chelsey Chancelia began her life as an ordinary, albeit highly intelligent child. Much to her mother’s annoyance (and her father’s delight) she began to disassemble things at an early age and no household appliance was safe from her endless curiosity. It was obvious, that she was going to be both intelligent and problematic. Though she was born a twin, the two girls were opposites in personality. Hope was calm and helpful, while Chelsey was rebellious and hyperactive.

    Chelsey’s destructive curiosity was more than her mother could handle. Yanira was kept very busy with her own career in special ops, and had a difficult time finding anyone willing to babysit her unruly child. Frank wasn’t an option because he was unreliable when it came to watching the children. He spent most of his time working on various inventions or doing repairs around town. So, when the government approached Yanira about a special program to train children, she was delighted. She immediately signed Chelsey up, sure that it would instill discipline in the child, and keep her active mind busy. Frank was completely against the idea. Something about it made him uneasy and the program became a point of contention between the two. Eventually they parted ways. Yanira took Chelsey and Frank took Hope, afraid that Yanira would never allow either child to choose their own path in life. He wanted to spare at least one of them from a life in the military.

    Not long after this separation, Yanira disappeared on a mission. Whether she is alive or dead remains unknown. The program kept Chelsey, never notifying her father. There were no toys or games for her, and she was treated harshly and expected to obey without question. Chelsey rebelled against this oppressive environment. She intentionally did poorly in training and grew more disrespectful day by day. The only evidence that she was learning anything was in her many escape attempts and her progressively more successful attempts at hacking into the security systems. In order to regain control of the child, a special trainer was brought it. Thus Chelsey met Dawn, the first person outside her family to earn her fear, respect, and friendship.

    Under Dawn’s guidance, Chelsey faced hard physical training, but she was also rewarded with fun and games. She liked Dawn, but she also feared and obeyed her as well. Chelsey still wanted nothing more than to escape and tried several times, succeeding for brief periods. During one of these times, she managed to track down her Grandfather, who took her to France and gave her his own version of training; with the sword. He also entrusted her with the cursed sword “Spirit,” a family heirloom. Dawn managed to track her down and brought her back to the US.

    During her teenage years, she was loaned to Japan to work with a special branch of the Japanese military on top secret missions around the world. She quickly made friends with her teammates and was able to enjoy increased freedom. She learned both the Japanese language and kendo’s nito-ryu style, utilizing two swords, though in battle “Spirit” was the only sword she ever used. Eventually she was promoted to team leader along with her rival, Robert Spectrum, a meta human who was also from America. The two of them never got along and were constantly fighting or playing pranks on each other. Ironically, it was Robert who taught Chelsey what it truly meant to be a hero. When a mission went horribly wrong, he sacrificed his own life to save the team.

    When her time in Japan came to an end, she was called back to the US and was one of several operatives sent to investigate the Brainiac invasion. It was at this time that a way out presented itself in the form of the exobytes. She was one of those blessed with newfound abilities. The exobyte granted her super speed and further enhanced her intellect. But almost as quickly as she received these new abilities, she found herself captured by Brainiac’s forces. Like many others, she was loaded onto one of Brainiac’s ships until Oracle came to the rescue and Batman took her under his wing. Sure that the government believed her to be dead, she left her old life behind and began fighting evil in her own unique way.

    Despite her circumstances, Chelsey is usually cheery and humorous. She doesn’t like to talk about her past and tries to pass it off as boring or uninteresting. She has an intense interest in learning more about technology and figuring out how to incorporate more advanced technology into her own devices. She also has a penchant for mischief and a love of sweets, but please do not approach her with peanut butter. She is allergic.

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