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    Hammer Corps Personnel File: Fidchel


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    Hammer Corps Personnel File: Fidchel Empty Hammer Corps Personnel File: Fidchel

    Post  Fidchel Wed Sep 07, 2011 5:07 pm

    Character Name: Fidchel
    Secret ID: None. It's kinda hard to hide the kitty ears and bat wings.

    Game Information
    Role: Tank
    Power Set: Fire
    Weapon: Hammer or Scythe
    Other game information: Wheee! Spinny!

    IC Character Information
    Apparent Age: Young
    True Age: Unknown, but she's pretty damn old
    Race: Demonic Imp
    Gender: Female
    Hair: Red and spiky
    Skin: Orange and furry
    Eyes: Blazing yellow
    Height: Short
    Weight: Heavier than she looks
    Body Composition: Solid and compact, smelling faintly of sulfur and burnt fur
    Mental State: Often childlike, her sanity is debatable, though her loyalty unquestionable. Human standards of morality are often confusing.

    Place of Residence: Wherever Doc's crashing for the night
    Place of Birth: Hell, most likely
    Known Relatives: None
    Friends: Doctor Harbinger, Epionne, members of Hammer Corps
    Enemies: Anyone Doc doesn't like, Faust and his minions, things that won't burn

    Nationality: Hell hath no nationality, though she'd probably fit in well in New Jersey

    History: Fidchel has spent the vast majority of her life in service to one nasty bugger or another, mystically bound to some of the most morally bankrupt and depraved examples of sorcery throughout the ages. That is, until the day that Doctor Harbinger apprehended the Faustian magent to whom she had been bound, declaring her to be "free". Not quite grasping what this meant, she pledged herself to her new master, serving as his loyal familiar and protector ever since. Struggling with the concepts of independence, freewill, good and evil, right and wrong, Fidchel has nonetheless made great strides with humanity during her time under Doc's care and among the members of the Hammer Corps, though she still has a long way to go.

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