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    Character Name: AncientGuardian (AG)
    Secret ID: JoNathan Isenberger

    Game Information
    Role: DPS/Controller
    Power Set: Gadgets
    Weapon: Dual Pistol, Hand blast, rifle, bow and arrow
    Other game information:

    IC Character Information
    Apparent Age: Mid 20s
    True Age: 26
    Race: Human Caucasian
    Gender: Male
    Hair: Brown
    Skin: Light tan
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: 5"10
    Weight: 275
    Body Composition: Normal Human
    Mental State: Brilliant and Sarcastic.

    Place of Residence: WatchTower when on duty, Hiding in South Carolina when not on duty
    Place of Birth: Somewhere near Philadelphia Pennsylvania

    Known Relatives:
    Living: Rosanna Isenberger (mother), Jamie Isenberger (father), Dale Isenberger (brother), Krystal Isenberger (sister)
    Deceased: Depressingly too many to count.
    Distant Ancestors Mostly Greek and Roman
    Recent Ancestry, German-Dutch (mothers side), German-Irish (Fathers side)

    Friends: Batman (mentor), Hammer Corps

    Enemies: Brainiac

    Nationality: American

    History: AG Was born in a small town north of Philadelphia, PA, and moved to South Carolina at an age too young to remember. Growing up mostly as a loner, keeping to himself and learning to handle life with little involvement from anyone. by his early teenage years he found himself rather skilled in learning how things work, he would take apart almost any sort of gadget around him, from electronics to mechanical devices. Eventually deciding to go to college to become an engineer. having a natural skill to understand anything electronic or mechanical, it was obvious that he identified himself as nerd and socializing with other nerds.
    Eventually decided to settle down with someone at a young age and married, which failed a few years later, reinforcing AG's ideology of keeping to himself and living with little involvement from others.
    AG had trouble going trough college and ended up dropping out, Not because he couldn't handle the material, but because Of financial and procedural errors made by the College Dean.

    After living on his own, working and just living life the best he could after a divorce and lack of college, Braniac did his worst.

    AG woke up in a small cramped space, never before was he claustrophobic, but this was close enough. He broke out and escaped, found some hand blaster gauntlets hiding on the Braniac ship, he never before seen them in person, but only took a second to figure out how to use them. and escaped the ship. He found himself in Gotham, Far Far from where he called home. upon examination by doctors and scientists, they couldn't find what the exobites had done. after some physical therapy to find out, AG discovered his health was significantly improved, back pain (which he suffered for some time due to never working out) was gone, He could breath easier.
    But the big time change came a few days into the therapy. While doctors had him doing pull ups on an exercise bar, suddenly AG felt like he weight almost nothing, and let go of the bar, floating in mid air. "Son of a..." ... "I can fly" he said to himself.

    After some time, he began to discover that the exobytes did more than just improve his health and grant flight, His mind was able to figure out technology at a much faster rate than before and trough some traumatic experiences since the attach he discovered he was having memories that were not his own. Upon investigation, the exobytes unlocked a rare form of Genetic Memory.

    AG has spent all the time since the Braniac invasion trying to figure out his genetic linage to find out where this trait started. All he can find, SO FAR, is that it started approximately 50000 years ago, a small group of seemingly normal humans had genetic memory passed down to each generation, unlocked in each child by the time the brain had developed enough (usually by the age of 5), this small group of humans became quite advanced due to their incredible advantage. However, their people did not survive a natural event that normal humans were able to adapt to. The genetic linage was passed on due to breeding with 'normal humans'

    AG has unlocked a few genetic memories over time, and found that a few of his ancestors have unlocked a few memories of their own, sometimes in what AG calls an "inception moment" when He unlocks a memory, of an ancestor unlocking a memory. AG tries to avoid this, as it causes an intense headache.

    AG discovered that this trait, which he always had, just never 'unlocked' was what enabled him to understand technology and mechanical engineering from such a young age, His entire recent family line for the last 4 generations or so were engineers and builders, it came naturally to him because of the genetic memory.

    He has most positive influences in Heroes, mentored by Batman, worked with Superman and Green Lantern, and AG is .. for the most part... a hero.
    However, there is a Catch, Due to some... disturbing Genetic memory, He is a bit scared of Wonder Woman, and usually avoids getting near her. Even though the memory isn't his, and he personally finds Wonder Woman attractive and a very supportive hero, Its literally in his genes to be scared of her.

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