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A forum for members of the Hammer Corps on DCUO's USPVE server.

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    Post  Breaker Sun Aug 28, 2011 9:59 am

    Character Name: Breaker
    Secret ID: None he's given.

    Game Information
    Role: DPS/Controller
    Power Set: Gadgeteering
    Weapon: Handblasters
    Other game information: Currently rethinking build and choosing second weapon. Brawling suits.

    IC Character Informaion
    Apparent Age: Indeterminate
    True Age: mid 30's
    Race: Human-ish
    Gender: Male-ish
    Hair: None
    Skin: Hard to tell.
    Eyes: Gone
    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 300+
    Body Composition: Human tissue with heavy cybernetic implantation
    Mental State: Stable.

    Place of Residence: Gotham
    Place of Birth: Coast City
    Known Relatives: None living.
    Enemies: Various thugs. Unpopular with Gotham's underworld. Hates Mongul.

    Nationality: American

    Breaker was born and raised in Coast city, and still follows the Green Lantern corps avidly, due to Hal Jordan's influence on his childhood. He joined the US Marines, and was deployed in the first Gulf war as a combat engineer, with a knack for electrical engineering. He earned the call Breaker after accidental grounding out while hooking up power lines to the officer's quarters on base.
    During an attack, he put his supply truck between civilians and artillery fire, ending with his mangled and barely alive body being shipped back to a vet hospital in Gotham. What was left of him went catatonic when Coast city was destroyed by Mongul, his wife and family wiped from the planet.
    He was kept on life support for years, until the exobytes gave him a new body.
    Most of his powers come from his rebuilt body rather than any instilled by the exobytes intentionally. He's faster, stronger, has enhanced vision and hearing, heals at an accelerated rate. His back is studded with large, electrified, coiled cables which run down the inside of his arms, and he's able to use these to entangle foes, climb buildings and such.
    He's surprisingly mentally stable, considering, and tends to hide any misgivings under cringe worthy humor.
    //More later, I'll edit it for grammar and content as well.//


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    Post  Breaker Thu Sep 29, 2011 8:54 am

    Character Name:Aquila
    Secret ID: David Eagles

    Game Information
    Role: Tank
    Power Set: Fire
    Weapon: Duel Wield/Staff
    Other game information:

    IC Character Informaion
    Apparent Age: Mid 30's
    True Age: Mid 70's
    Race: Thanagarian
    Gender: Male
    Hair: Brown
    Skin: Tan
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 170 lbs
    Body Composition: Flesh and blood
    Mental State: Sane

    Place of Residence: Metropolis Suburbs
    Place of Birth: Metropolis
    Known Relatives: None

    Nationality: American

    Aquila was born and raised in Metropolis, most of that was spent working for Metropolis Park Services, eventually studying ornithology at Metro U. Spending a fairly low key life manning forest fire towers and finding lost tourists in the conservation areas. He retired a few years ago, eventually moving, not entirely willingly, to an assisted living facility in the Metropolis suburbs. When the Brainiac attack came, he was on a seniors tour in Metropolis, going from bland 60's revival musicals to restaurants serving even blander food and wondering where he went wrong.
    He couldn't have been more surprised when he awoke in a tube in Brainiac's ship, encased in Thanagarian battle armour, with the sounds of battle calling to him.
    The exobytes have altered his physiology at a base level. Physically and genetically, Aquila is Thanagarian. His armour increases his strength, reaction time, and resilience to high superhuman levels, and he appears to have the combat training of a Thanagarian Wingman. When not in use, the armour collapses to a set of apparently grafted on bracers.
    He has a keen interest in Thanagarian history and culture, seeking to know more about his 'new people'.
    He's thrown himself into the adventure of his 'new youth', naming himself after the golden eagles he studied at university, so many years ago.

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