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    The Wizard Fnord and his Amazing Friends!


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    The Wizard Fnord and his Amazing Friends! Empty The Wizard Fnord and his Amazing Friends!

    Post  Fnord Sun May 01, 2011 9:19 pm

    Character Name: Fnord
    Secret ID: Bear Fitzpatrick

    Game Information
    Role: Healer/DPS
    Power Set: Sorcery
    Weapon: Two-Handed Melee, Staff, Hand Blast, Dual Pistols, Rifles
    Other game information:

    IC Character Information
    Apparent Age: (Local Causal Nexus: 31) (Linear Temporal Age: 51)
    True Age: (Local Causal Nexus: 31) (Linear Temporal Age: 51)
    Race: Human/Caucasian
    Gender: Male
    Hair: Varies. When showing true appearance, steel gray. When cloaking self in illusion of younger self, brown.
    Skin: Pale Caucasian.
    Eyes: Glowing blue. Hides behind sunglasses and masks.
    Height: 6ft 6in
    Weight: 300lbs
    Body Composition: Matter that has traversed a temporal rift thus has adapted to absorb and interact with such energies.
    Mental State: Quirky good humor masking a fiery passionate core.

    Place of Residence: JLA satellite.
    Place of Birth: South Carolina
    Known Relatives:
    -Mother, Gayle Fitzpatrick.

    -Zatanna and Doctor Fate: Advisers and teachers.
    -Gayle Fitzpatrick: Mother
    -Hammer Corp: Sub-team within the JLA which he is attached to as a field medic and arcane scholar.
    -Blinky: A floating eyeball that seems to act as a familiar to him.

    -Zuggotomy, an alien bounty hunter currently hiding out somewhere in Gotham.

    Nationality: American


    Fnord started as your typical nerdy, overweight, fantasy/comic/anime/sci-fi geek. After a failed and childless marriage he absorbed himself in escapism and his work as a network technician for a local TV station in South Carolina. A few years of this life lead some friends to convince him to travel to Metropolis for the Metropolis 2011 Comicon. He expected to go there, ogle some pretty cosplayers, and maybe meet Booster Gold. What he didn't count on was the Brainiac invasion and waking up on a collector ship.

    On awakening he found his body transformed by the exo-bytes...gone was his fat and out of shape body and in it's place was one large and well-muscled. Fighting his way out of the ship in a blind panic, he found other changes as well. He was stronger, faster, and could call on arcane powers to defend himself. He could alter his appearance and even grow wings to fly.

    After a harrowing escape with a large group of other similarly powered individuals he wandered to Chinatown to see if he could find out what was going on with him. There he met Zatanna who was engaged in a battle with Felix Faust's magents. Without thinking he called on his powers and formed a weapon (at the time a nail-board) and waded in to the fray.

    After a fierce running battle that ended in the Mannheim Chinese Theater, Zatanna, Fnord, and a group of other exo-byte empowered heroes defeated Faust in a fierce fight. Heady and high from his victory, Fnord took Faust's helmet as a trophy and still wears it to this day.

    Some weeks passed and Zatanna spent time with Fnord and the other new arcane heroes them to harness their powers. He does not understand them fully yet and he has been told by Zatanna that his magic is special. No exo-byte gave it to him, it is something natural to him and that all the exo-byte did was grant him the greater health he now enjoys.

    Confused and disturbed by being a natural sorcerer, Fnord spent time on JLA patrols in Metropolis. After a time he found himself with no taste for the extremes he had to go to in order to stop some villains. Disillusioned he began wandering the world incognito. During an incident while traveling through the UK he used magic near a previously unknown rift in time and space while trying to save the life of a car accident victim. His healing magics worked as normal but had the backlash effect of causing the rift to catapult him across the universe and twenty years in to the past.

    He managed to hitch hike his way across the galaxies until he reached Oa. There he learned of the time shift as well as the fact that crossing his own timeline by returning home could cause a temporal paradox. Grimly accepting his fate he spent the next twenty years as a bounty hunter working alongside the Corp. During one such adventure where he was researching the rift that shifted him through time he encountered what he learned was called the Untempered Schism, a rift in to the heart of space/time. His curiosity getting the better of him he stared in to it and beheld all of space/time and causality. This would have driven a normal person mad. Fnord...simply gloried in the beauty he beheld and found a measure of peace from it.

    His viewing of the schism has given him some greater insight in to the workings of magic, time, and space. This allows him to revert his body to earlier ages and even take on a semi-temporal form and allows limited temporal manipulation. He believes he may be effectively immortal baring illness or injury.

    Once he had determined enough time had past he made he way back to Earth and rejoined his friends in the JLA, hardened and wiser from his travels among the stars.

    Before his empowerment Fnord was a manic depressive geek who thought little of himself but thought the world of his friends and family. Now he is slowly gaining confidence in his abilities. Thought he does not speak of it, Fnord is deeply spiritual. His beliefs are a mix of Roman Catholicism and Eastern Animism. He is tolerant and accepting of people and their flaws. He is easily distracted and engaged in topics relating to pop culture, science fiction, anime, and gaming, almost to the point he can forget his other duties.

    Fnord used to wear a mask of air-headedness, a defense mechanism from his previous life. in the decades he has spent among the stars he has learned to be calm and rational but retains his quirky nature as it tends to make people more comfortable around him and easer for him to blend in. While he may seem innocent and child-like on the surface and something of a quirky aging man, deep down is a core of passion that can assert itself in the form of righteous rage when those he calls friend are hurt or threatened. Fnord is slow to anger and quick to trust, however he is not naive. Those who betray his trust or conflict with his moral compass will find themselves with am implacable foe.

    The exo-byte that empowered Fnord corrected numerous health issues he previously possessed. In it's place it left him with a body in peak physical condition (just like Captain America as he likes to say).

    Further, according to testing by Zatanna and Doctor Fate Fnord is a natural sorcerer who's powers expressed due to the emotional trauma of the invasion. It is speculated he may have some inter-dimensional ancestry somewhere in his family line. Indeed he does know that he is descended from Irish Pagans. He is also starting to suspect some power may come from his father's side as all he knows of him is, in his mother's words, "He is an evil man."

    Fnord has, in addition to traditional magical abilities, shown a talent for creating magical construct from the aether. These typically take the form of weapons he wields with great skill though he has no formal training. Indeed, Doctor Fate tested Fnord with practice weapons similar to the ones he creates and found that his skills were lacking to put it mildly. To date in addition to the traditional magical blasts most sorcerers can channel, he is able to form various swords and bludgeoning instruments, various staves and scythes, and additionally has recently expressed an ability to call forth a pair of alchemically powered pistols firing orichalium bullets.

    "He's like the right hand of wrath. He's like the darkness of a dying sun, and the storm at the heart of a galaxy. He's merciful and unforgiving all in one. The sinner and the saint. He burns with ageless wisdom and impulsive fury. He has looked in to the untempered schism and seen the whole of time and space...and he did not blink. He terrifies me." -Unnamed Sinestro Corp member's mad ramblings while in a detention cell on Oa. Believed to reference the wizard Fnord.

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    The Wizard Fnord and his Amazing Friends! Empty Re: The Wizard Fnord and his Amazing Friends!

    Post  Fnord Sun May 01, 2011 9:19 pm

    Character Name: The Warden
    Secret ID: Lost to the mists of time

    Game Information
    Role: Controller/DPS
    Power Set: Gadgets
    Weapon: Dual Pistols/Rifles
    Other game information: Has the ability to know the name of any of his descendants.

    IC Character Informaion
    Apparent Age: Mid to late 30s
    True Age: 50000+
    Race: Protohuman
    Gender: Male
    Hair: Albino
    Eyes: Blue Contacts
    Height: 6ft
    Weight: 200lbs
    Body Composition: Meat
    Mental State: Old and wise

    Place of Residence: Earth
    Place of Birth: What is now Tanzania
    Known Relatives: About 80% of the human race.
    Friends: Lots
    Enemies: Even more.

    Nationality: N/A


    Cold. The first thing I remember clearly is the cold. Snow and ice caking a blood-soaked hand. My hand. Then pain. Looking down at my body, draped in blood soaked hides, I see a crude spear impaled in my stomach. It is so cold. I feel the blackness closing in. Then warmth. A figure stands above me bathed in white light. He, I some how know it is a he, reaches out a hand, a strange hand, not like mine. He touches the spear and it disappears. My wound closes. The pain is gone.

    Words. I hear words in my head. He is speaking in my head.

    "You have courage and you know sacrifice. These traits are desirable."

    I don't understand what me means. I remember taking up my club to protect my people. The Others attacked. The others hurt them with their fire and their tools made of the smooth shiny stone. My mate and my child. They ran to the safety of the caves. I stayed. I fought so they could live.

    "Yes. You understand what it is to be a hero."

    Hero? What is a hero? I don't know this word.

    "You will in time. Do you want to see your tribe safe? Do you want to see them safe for all time?"

    Time? What is time? This being that makes the hurt stop speaks words I do not know. The medicine man might know. He is wise. He knows the herbs to stop pain. Maybe this one is like the medicine man.

    "Yes, you could call me that if it helps you understand."

    But I am a hunter, I do not have the wisdom.

    "You will in time."

    I do not understand. I am afraid. What should I do?

    "Do you want to protect them?"

    Yes! I want to protect my people! Without them I am alone!

    "The pact is made. Go now. Protect your people. Become a Warden to them."

    He is gone. My hurts are gone. I feel refreshed. My mind is clear. I see clearly, I smell scents I have never know. Every sense is sharp....I am changed...my thoughts...my senses...greater than before....

    That was long ago. Before the written word. Before most cultures the modern world is aware of. I was a simple hunter and some being chose me to walk among the line of my people. To be a silent witness and protector. In those years I have been a warrior, a poet, a sinner, a saint, faithful, and apostate. All in the name of the pact, to see the line of my people continue.

    Fifty thousand years. That is how long I reckon I have walked the Earth. By now my people encompass the globe. I have met a few other similar to me, the Savage, the Ghoul, the Immortal man. All seemingly cheating time in different ways.

    I do not know how it will end. I can be hurt, I bear many scars. Perhaps I can be killed. I know not. I do know since that day, the day Brainiac came and his exobytes infused my being I am changing. I am stronger, tougher, and faster than ever. I have shrugged off blows that may have ended me. All I know is what despair I was feeling at my powerlessness in this age of super beings is ending.

    I am The Warden. I am here to defend the Tribe of the Earth. That is the Pact.


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    The Wizard Fnord and his Amazing Friends! Empty Re: The Wizard Fnord and his Amazing Friends!

    Post  Fnord Sun May 01, 2011 9:19 pm

    Character Name: Sixth Ranger
    Secret ID: Lt. William Hauser, United States Space Rangers (ret.)

    Game Information
    Role: DPS
    Power Set: Nature/Plant
    Weapon: Bow/One-Handed Melee/Dual Wield Melee/Martial Arts
    Other game information: Trained in Zero-G combat, various military protocols, and familiar with multiple alien technologys.

    IC Character Informaion
    Apparent Age: Early 30s
    True Age: 32
    Race: Caucasian
    Gender: Male
    Hair: Brown
    Skin: Taned
    Eyes: One Green Eye, One Missing
    Height: 6ft
    Weight: 180lbs
    Body Composition: Meat
    Mental State: Tough as nails and twice as sharp.

    Place of Residence: Watchtower Barracks
    Place of Birth: Suicide Slums/Metropolis
    Known Relatives: Orphan/Ward of the State
    Friends: Loyal Americans
    Enemies: Damn commies

    Nationality: Red blooded American.

    History: William Hauser served in the small but highly trained space rangers of the USAF during the Apokolips invasion. He was assigned to be the sixth man in what was originally a five man fire team assigned to board Apokolyptian ships and destroy them with demo charges. During his last fire mission he lost an eye in combat ending his military service.

    Undeterred he joined with STAR labs as a tester of advanced combat technologies. During the recent Brainiac incursion he was caught on camera by several news agencies employing top-secret technologies against Brainiac ground force.

    To cover for this exposure he has taken on the moniker "Sixth Ranger" and attached himself to the Hammer Corp as a legitimate cover for his field testing of STAR labs gear.


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    The Wizard Fnord and his Amazing Friends! Empty Re: The Wizard Fnord and his Amazing Friends!

    Post  Fnord Sun May 01, 2011 9:20 pm

    Character Name: Unit 0
    Secret ID: Unit 0

    Game Information
    Role: Controller
    Power Set: Mental/Telekinesis
    Weapon: Hand Blasts
    Other game information: IC his powers are based on gravitiy and dark matter manipulation. The Telekinetic power set easily emulates this.

    IC Character Information
    Apparent Age: He is a robot...
    True Age: 2 Years old
    Race: Robot
    Gender: Robot. Equipped for physical interaction with both human genders.
    Hair: What?
    Skin: Morhphic Nanosynth Plates
    Eyes: Waynetech MK1EB Visual Spectrum Sensors
    Height: 6.5 Ft
    Weight: 500lbs
    Body Composition: Promethium skeletal chassis with overlar of myomer artificial musculature and morphic nano-synth plates.
    Mental State: Logical and literal-minded. When partitioned personality traits are activated is a coolly logical if befuddled scientist.

    Place of Residence: Hammer Tower Metropolis
    Place of Birth: Lexcorp Tower
    Known Relatives: Units 1-5
    Friends: Hammer Corp
    Enemies: Lexcorp

    Nationality: ...Robot?

    History: Unit 0 is the prototype of a Lexcorp infiltration/telepresence drone system designed to combat metahumans. To that end the system is designed to scan, analyze, and integrate foreign technologies in to it's makeup to further it's mission.

    The prototype unit makes use of a revolutionary telepresence system allowing a remote operator to take direct mental control of the unit as a situation demands. This was accomplished by the construction of the biological processor in the head from cloned brain cells from the designated operation which are then linked via quantum entanglement.

    During construction the scientist in charge, Doctor Richard Bauman, used his on brain cells as the basis of the prototype unit. Tragically, Doctor Bauman was killed in a car accident late in the development. Through a process not entirely understood the quantum entanglement linking Doctor Bauman's brain and Unit 0's bioprocessor caused his "soul" to be transferred to Unit 0.

    This caused a programming conflict between Doctor Bauman's good intentions behind the creation of a drone unit to protect normal humans from rouge metas and the Lexcorp programing to seek and destroy metas. This caused Unit 0 to rampage for a time until he was confronted by The Wizard Fnord.

    Fnord sensed the ghost within the machine and used him magics to calm it's restless spirit. Through tinkering and and computer manipulation he has been able to create a balanced autonomous personality blending Doctor Baumen and Unit 0 in to a fused being. When special protocols are active the Unit 0 personality can be suppressed the built in holoprojection system can create a holographic body for Doctor Baumen to interact with the world. In times of extreme danger the Doctor Baumen personality can be completely suppressed and Unit 0 will become a relentless engine of destruction.

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    Post  Fnord Sun May 01, 2011 9:21 pm

    Character Name: Magna Defender
    Secret ID: Not Pronounceable to the human tongue

    Game Information
    Role: Tank
    Power Set: Ice
    Weapon: Martial Arts/1 Handed Melee
    Other game information: Familiar with metallurgy and advanced alien technologies.

    IC Character Information
    Apparent Age: Unknown/Adult
    True Age: 8 Years old (Roughly 25 Earth years)
    Race: Ice Miner
    Gender: Male analog
    Hair: None
    Skin: Scales ranging from icy blue white to a deep sapphire color.
    Eyes: Yellow
    Height: 5ft 10inches
    Weight: 200lbs
    Body Composition: Lizard meat and super-cool blood.
    Mental State: A noble and honorable savage with a high degree of curiosity about the world he finds himself in.

    Place of Residence: Hammer tower Gotham
    Place of Birth: Ice Planet Zero among the Dark Matter reefs on the outer edge of the Ming Empire.
    Known Relatives: None in this dimension.
    Friends: Hammer Corp personnel
    Enemies: Evildoers

    Nationality: Native of Ice Planet Zero


    The Magna Defender (or Magna as he allows comrades to shorten it too) is of the race of the Ice Miners of Ice Planet Zero. Magna is an alien who was caught in a dimensional rift and washed up on Earth shortly after the Braniac invasion. During one such incursion The Wizard Fnord found him battling hopeless odds against a group of collectors. Coming to his aid Magna has sworn a life-debt to him. Fnord has chosen to have him serve in the ranks of the Hammer Corp defending his new home.

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    The Wizard Fnord and his Amazing Friends! Empty Re: The Wizard Fnord and his Amazing Friends!

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