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    Orion's very normal life.


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    Orion's very normal life. Empty Orion's very normal life.

    Post  Orion Sat Aug 20, 2011 3:17 pm

    Character Name:Emmet Fletcher
    Secret ID: Orion

    Game Information
    Power Set:Gadgets
    Other game information:

    IC Character Informaion
    Apparent Age:25
    True Age:25
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: 5'11
    Body Composition: Athletic
    Mental State: Sane

    Place of Residence: Gotham
    Place of Birth: Ireland
    Known Relatives: Father and mother
    Friends: Ghostface
    Enemies: Scorpion (Female thief/Gadget person)

    Nationality: American

    History: Emmet is a first generation American. Although he was born in Ireland his family was able to get him his citizenship very quickly because of his age. His family owns a small Deli shop in Wyoming, but Emmet felt the call for something more. Due to his natural Athleticism and strong will he joined the Army Rangers without much of a problem. The reason he joined though was not for the career, but for collage money. Even though he excelled in everything they taught him he said goodbye when his first enlistment was up. Emmet was never the smartest guy around, he did well enough in high school, but his aptitude was never with books. When he got out he went to school to study Auto mechanics.
    For years he lived a simple life as a car mechanic in Gotham. After work one day on his way home, he happened to see a pretty lady. After following her for some time he came to the Library she worked at. Unfortunately, for Emmett that whole block was soon captured by Brainiac. After some hero broke out of his containment cell Emmett's cell malfunctioned and released him. The hero unfortunately did not make and Oracle began to help guide Emmet out of the ship. After searching through some garbage dumps he managed to find a Bow and some Arrows. He began to systematically go through the ship, avoiding patrols, and attacking only when he had too. Soon he found himself working with Superman to escape. Although he spent most of his time ducking and avoiding the robots he did manage a few shots. Once out he was invited, with others, to the watch tower for testing and medical treatment. Despite the hype how impressed everyone was with his escape they found no evidence of exobytes.
    Although he stayed in the watchtower for a few days for observation Emmett was quickly bored and wanted to return. The Green Arrow stopped by and encouraged Emmet, saying that the world was turning into a different place with all of the new heroes and villains. He told him that simply keeping his neighborhood safe could make a difference and help out heroes in Gotham. With that he handed him a new bow with several different types of arrows. When Emmett returned home he thought about it long and hard he set out to patrol his own neighborhood. There were times when he got his own ass kicked and others where he was able to effectively keep out gangs all together, but it wasn't until several months that a mysterious benefactor caught notice and offered Orion sponsorship. New weapons, gear, and anything else he needed in exchange for a few simple favors every once in a while. Orion had no problem with this since he had learned long ago that walking a thin grey line was the only way for people like him to be effective. Since then he has sought out membership with different groups to help him be more effective. Until now no one had shown much interest until Hammer Corp recruited him.

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    Orion's very normal life. Empty Katartizo's very crazy life.

    Post  Orion Sun Aug 21, 2011 6:23 pm

    Character Name: Katartizo
    Secret ID: Johnathan Wilson

    Game Information
    Role: Healer
    Power Set: Sorcery
    Weapon: Handblasters
    Other game information:

    IC Character Informaion
    Apparent Age: 30
    True Age: 34
    Race: White
    Gender: Male
    Hair: White
    Skin: White
    Eyes: Yellow eyes
    Weight: 200
    Body Composition: Skinny
    Mental State: Fairly nuts, though sane enough to have normal interactions with people

    Place of Residence: Metropolis
    Place of Birth: Metropolis
    Known Relatives: Wife and Children (estranged
    Friends: None
    Enemies: None

    Nationality: American

    History: Jonathan was about as normal as you can get. He grew up with a normal family, he went to church every sunday, went to high school, college, began work at an insurance company, taught sunday school, married, and had children. Unfortunately, he just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. While at work in Metropolis he was infected with the exobytes. No one is really sure what happened after that, but there was an malfunction. Jonathan's brain became fractured. Whether it was the exobytes, brainiac, or his inability to cope with the new power, he forgot who he was. He then invented a new persona for himself. Despite the fact he was given magical gifts his mind blocked him from full access to them. Believing he is an Angel from God, he only uses Magic that heals others or punishes (non-lethally) evil. He believes that his incantations are prayers and that he is a guardian sent from heaven to be an example to all people. The magic he wields gave him a new physical form as well. Wings, no fingerprints or identifying physical features, and no memory have left him estranged from his family. No one in the super hero community believes him to be an Angel, but neither can they convince him that he isn't.

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