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    Krypton Shield

    Krypton Shield
    Krypton Shield

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    Post  Krypton Shield Mon Jun 27, 2011 8:23 am

    Name: Krypton Shield
    Secret ID: **erased** (family in protection program)

    **Eyes Only Report - Krypton Shield (compiled by the Batman)**

    The individual who calls himself the Krypton Shield is a living contradiction. The exobyte(s) which infected him was infused
    with Kryptonian DNA which spliced itself to the subject's human genetic code.

    However, this same exobyte (or another, it is unclear at this time which is the correct case) was also infused with
    magical energy which appears to be linked to Captain Marvel.

    As Superman is vulnerable to magic, this combination began to break down the subject's DNA within hours of the genetic splicing
    with the Kryptonian DNA. It was fortunate that the subject was able to break free from the Brainiac harvester ship,
    and that Superman had been called in by Oracle. On Superman's orders, the subject was transported to Star Labs, where
    he was placed on life support (through a combination of Kryptonian technology and prototype Star Labs equipment).

    The prognosis was not good.

    Superman's Kryptonian ancestry was unable to find any sort of equiblibrium with the subject's native cell structure which
    had been enhanced by the magical power of Captain Marvel.

    It was at that time that Superman requested my presence. I considered the possiblities of what an amalgam of a
    Superman / Captain Marvel powered individual could accomplish, both as an ally and as a potential enemy.

    The subject's record as a law enforcement officer, his technical abilities, his exemplary mind, his self-discipline and
    morality were the key factors in implementing the solution.

    However, the solution, if one wishes to call it that, presents a whole new set of problems.

    I infected the subject with an inert form of the OMAC nanovirus. The nanovirus was able to correct all of the contradictions
    between the Kryptonian DNA and the Magically-charged Human DNA.

    As a Kryptonian/Magically-Powered Human/OMAC combination, the subject's skin now consists of a modified OMAC shell (complete
    with helmet) which can be digitized into and out of phase with the subject's human body. However, this phasing can
    only be for short periods of time, or the cellular decay will begin again.

    The OMAC connection to Brother Eye is a security risk. I have assigned a Bat-Drone to the subject for his own personal
    use. It's armament and support will be invaluable to him. But, the drone serves a dual function, as it allows me to
    monitor the subject without his knowledge for any potential influence by Brother Eye.

    CURRENT AFFILIATIONS: Hammer Corps (member in good standing)

    KNOWN ASSOCIATES: Mister Miracle (Scott Free), Big Barda, Aquaman (Arthur Curry)

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