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    Barbosa Khan


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    Post  Barbosa Fri Apr 29, 2011 5:14 pm

    Character Name: Barbosa Khan
    Secret ID: The Sinbearer ((That's his actual name, Barbosa Khan is his old one, he was stripped of it once he was deemed a heretic, "The Sinbearer" is his Martyr name he took to redeem himself))

    Game Information
    Role: Controller
    Power Set: Gadgets
    Weapon: Hand Blasters
    Other game information: Have full T1 DPS Set, T2/3 Controller Gear

    IC Character Informaion
    Apparent Age: Undecipherable
    True Age: No clear answer
    Race: Claims to originally be human
    Gender: Used to be male, chemically and physically made genderless before becoming a robot
    Hair: None
    Skin: None
    Eyes: None
    Height: Around 6'6"
    Weight: About 600lbs
    Body Composition: Could be described as muscular, bulky.
    Mental State: By human standards insane.

    Place of Residence: +++CLASSIFIED+++
    Place of Birth: +++CLASSIFIED+++
    Known Relatives: +++CLASSIFIED+++
    Friends: Hammer Corps
    Enemies: The Offenders and all Villans

    Nationality: Imperium Of Mankind

    History: +++CLASSIFIED+++

    ((Apologies for the seemingly lazy Profile, but there's a good reason why he files this all as Classified!))

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