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    Post  Supercold Wed Jun 08, 2011 9:19 pm

    Character Name: Supercold
    Secret ID: Unknown

    Game Information
    Role: Tank/Damage
    Power Set:Ice
    Weapon: Brawling
    Other game information:

    IC Character Informaion
    Apparent Age: Early/Mid Twenties
    True Age: Unknown
    Race: White
    Gender: Male
    Hair: Crystalline - true color unknown
    Skin: Crystalline - true color unknown
    Eyes: Glowing Crystalline - true color unknown
    Height: 6' 2"
    Weight: 255 lbs
    Body Composition: Muscular, composed completely of crystal
    Mental State: Sane/Slightly above average intelligence

    Place of Residence: Metropolis
    Place of Birth: unknown
    Known Relatives: unknown
    Friends: No known close friends, acquaintance level friendship with various heroes.
    Enemies: Grudge against Brainiac
    Nationality: American

    Supercold's history is incomplete, he hides most of it in order to protect his family. However this is what the Justice League has pieced together from Supercold's own accounts of what he was willing to share and separate investigations. Including a full body scan showing his body was indeed, as Superman observed when he first met Supercold aboard a Brainiac harvester ship, comprised entirely of Kryptonian Crystal-Tech:

    When the future Lex bestowed humanity with the Exobytes Supercold was attacked by an Exobyte carrying Kryptonian DNA. However something went wrong when converting his human dna to that of a Kryptonian. He had his own inactive meta-gene that was apparently dormant in his DNA. The melding of the Kryptonian DNA with his human DNA(which has its own difficulties) and the unknown meta-gene caused a chain reaction that made all the tissue in his body to begin to crystallize. The Exobyte's AI detected the problem and, to save his life, compensated by using this crystallized tissue to form Kryptonian Crystal-Tech. In essence making him a Kryptonian crystal-tech construct.

    Supercold's dormant meta-gene apparently gives him the ability to crystallize the moisture in the air around him, thus creating very strong ice forms and although it is in his genes, this ability is laced with a magical aura. He also has many of Superman's abilities including flight, super strength, heat-vision and super breath. As well as a variation of x-ray vision enabling him to better detect invisible foes. His body is made completly of Kryptonian Crystal-Tech thereby making him nearly indestructible, however this comes at a cost. It is also permanent so far, and Supercold has apparently given up completely his life before and lives 24/7 as a hero. It is believed he hasn't even told his family what has happened to him, just blending in with the thousands of missing in the wake of Brianiac's attack. Supercold blames Brainiac not the future Lex for stealing his life from him, tho he has no love for the present day Lex. And thefore holds a serious grudge against Brainiac. This of course could also be due to the inherent competition with the Krytonian technology that made Brainiac with the more elegant Crystal-Tech.

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