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    Character Name: Azure Hammer
    Secret I.D.: Corran Hammer

    Game Information
    Role: Tank
    Power Set: Fire
    Weapons: Fists/Handblasters
    Other game info: N/A
    IC Character Information
    Apparent Age: 25
    True Age: 30
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Skin: Tan
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: In Costume: 6’4. Civilian guise: Appear to be 6’2 – 6’3
    Weight: 240
    Body Composition: He is athletic and in decent shape. When he is in his civilian guise, it may be hard to tell that he has definition due to him always being in a suit or a lab coat.
    Mental State: Sane/ Near genius level intellect.

    Place of Residence: Metropolis
    Place of Birth: San Diego, CA. (Now Sub Diego.)
    Known relatives: Father (Cornelius Hammer) Mother ( Candace Hammer) Brother (Aedan Hammer)
    Nationality: American

    Corran Hammer was born in to a middle class family. His father had a steady job in a pharmaceutical company, managing the finances of that particular company. Cornelius worked hard to provide for his wife and two boys. His wife, Candace, also worked hard as a physician. With both of their parents at work, the two boys were left alone most of the time. Corran was raised to be a responsible little lad whom always took the initiative to look after his younger brother and satiate his curious nature. Corran was smarter than the average child and as he grew older, his intellectual prowess would become prevalent. He would excel in the sciences and would eventually go on to college, where he studied at Met U.
    As Corran was accepted into Met U to study Chemistry, his mother was relieved of duty at the hospital in which she worked on terms of a malpractice suit. Candace Hammer was wrongfully accused of malpractice and was determined to make amends. Corran’s mother was a bit of a science wiz herself and convinced her husband, Cornelius to take a large risk. Idealists, they put what savings they had into the founding of Hammer Industries. Candace Hammer was intent on clearing her name and the Hammer name of any fraudulent charges. She began a lengthy campaign of trying to synthesize various vaccines and remedies to many of the world’s diseases. Hammer Industries was placed on the map when Candace Hammer discovered a methodology to counteract the particular radiation poisoning that was given off by Chemo. Though, this would not stop the destruction later caused to Blūdhaven.
    Not long after her discovery, San Diego was submerged under water by the horrendous affects of the artificially generated earthquake which left San Diego in tatters. Cornelius Hammer was lost in the natural disaster. Corran Hammer would remember the life lessons his father had taught him. Namely, the need to do what is right and to always help those who cannot help themselves even if it means sacrificing material things. Candace Hammer, distraught by the loss of her beloved husband, relocated to Metropolis with her youngest son, Aedan. The construction of Hammer Tower began not long after.
    Hammer Industries’ relocation to Metropolis was met with much resistance from Lex Luthor. Luthor tried to buy out Hammer Industries as a fledgling company but failed. Candace Hammer would not sell the company for the simple reason it was something that her and her husband had built. Luthor did all he could to try and undermine Candace but she continued to manufacture medicinal vaccines and treat rare diseases found in isolated tropic areas and third world countries. Her chemical prowess kept Hammer Industries afloat and would help draw other scientists to her cause.
    As Candace Hammer waged war for the salvation of her company, Corran was flourishing in college. His need to help people would motivate him to work hard and do the best he could. He would eventually graduate from Met U and work on his PhD at Gotham University. His younger brother, Aedan would acquire a football scholarship to Met U and Candace Hammer simply focused on running Hammer Industries.
    When Corran Hammer earned his doctorates in Chemistry, he joined his mother at Hammer Industries. His mother would admit with pride that her son was a much better chemist than she was and perhaps even brighter. Candace made Corran work through the ranks. He wasn’t given the easy way out simply because of his last name. He participated in many of the pharmaceutical and humanitarian projects that Hammer Industries took part in.
    Because his family was never vastly wealthy, the social scene was fairly new to him. Corran often had to take assignment to attend social gatherings and such. He was a bit clumsy around females but he was also handsome enough that that was often overlooked. He was a new comer on the socialite circuit and it was fairly evident. Corran wasn’t a drinker and he was very anti-social at certain events, fraternizing only when it was necessary.
    A particular assignment of interest for Corran was when he was sent to investigate soil samples in the Asian pacific. There was an epidemic occurring in North Korea and Corran went to analyze the natural environment in hopes to find a cure. North Korea wasn’t particularly fond of Americans, so Corran was assigned protection from the government. Corran would meet his best friend and ally, Cyrus Lord. Cyrus was a military man and together, Corran and Cyrus would eventually make an excellent team in the years to come. Corran and Cyrus had to battle through North Korean troops, nearly causing an incident as Corran tried to synthesize a remedy in which to help with the epidemic. Their first adventure would seal a friendship for the rest of their days.
    Corran returned to the United States with Cyrus Lord. They parted ways as Cyrus returned to Washington and Corran returned to Metropolis. Hammer Industries seemed to have weathered the storm against Luthor Corp and had become a serious competitor against Star Labs and Wayne Tech as well. Not long after the North Korean excursion, Corran was reunited with child hood friend, Michelle Bradley. Corran and Michelle had not seen one another in years and there was instant chemistry between them. Corran and Michelle would fall in love after a few months and become formally engaged.
    The engagement could not be enjoyed however as the Hammer family was struck with tragedy yet again. Candace Hammer was infected with a virus that left her incoherent and unconscious. The cause of her condition is unknown and foul play is suspected. Corran Hammer was distraught and tried his hardest to isolate what it was that was afflicting his mother. He placed her in the medical wing of Hammer Tower where she lies comatose until he can perhaps find a cure.
    Corran Hammer was effectively made the CEO of Hammer Industries and he made a few radical changes. With his mother’s condition in the back of his mind, he constantly distracted himself in his work. He aggressively began to expand Hammer Industries into a worldwide conglomerate in order to spread the efforts of the company. He hired his old friend, Cyrus Lord to head the new Hammer Securities division to protect all Hammer Industries personel. Hammer Securities was created in large part to prevent another incident like what happened to his mother. Through will power and determination, Corran took Hammer Industries to new heights. This came at a price. He had inadvertently distanced himself from Michelle and they had somewhat of a falling out. Corran cared deeply for Michelle but because of what happened to his mother, he had grown withdrawn.
    His younger brother, Aedan, had begun to play football for Metropolis professional team and seemed to have taken all of this grief easier than Corran. Corran and his brother also became distanced due to these events and they hardly spoke after a terrible argument. Corran Hammer would spend many nights alone in Hammer Tower, losing himself in his work. He would create wonderful things to help humanity, though he was also losing himself and everyone he had loved.
    Corran decided he would go and reach out to Michelle. He was determined to make amends. They had decided to go for a walk in the park when the Brainiac invasion occurred. Brainiac shock troops landed and there was little Corran could do to protect the woman he had come to love. They were both taken on board Brainiac’s ship where he was bestowed with the powers he now wields today. His exobytes were not average powers. His dna was now laced with kryptonian dna. He did not suffer kryptonite as a weakness however… but certain magics would later be discovered to render him vulnerable. Corran Hammer would battle his way out of Brainiac’s ship though he could not find his beloved, Michelle. Forced to leave without her, Corran with the aid of Superman, made his way back to Metropolis with new powers. Corran began trying to locate his lost beloved but there was no luck in his endeavor. He still hopes that she may be alive somewhere. Corran began experimenting with his new powers and found that his ability to wield fire torched nearly every outfit he wore. Corran created a high density, flame-retardant polymer which would later be fashioned into his suit. Thus, Azure Hammer was born. He would soon find out that Cyrus Lord had acquired powers himself and together they would defend Hammer Industries against the new threats that would place the company in peril, worldwide. Azure Hammer and Deaths Vision would fight side-by-side against many adversaries… and thus the tale of Azure Hammer begins.

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