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    The New 52

    Post  Heavenly Flame on Thu Sep 29, 2011 12:11 am

    I know a bunch of you are reading the new DC launch quite avidly. I finally gave into the craze, and got some of the digital comics and read the one's that attracted my attention. Having now read Green Lantern, Green Lantern New Guardians, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Teen Titans, and Deathstroke I was curious for more opinions on the books. I know I've heard your various positive and negative reviews on vent, but that doesn't count right now. I didn't really like the Wonder Woman. Deathstroke I could go either way on, it didn't really snag me. The New Guardians one I wasn't super fond of, but the hook is odd enough to make me go 'okay I'll bite, what's going on?' Supergirl wasn't bad, but it seems like them just going back to square one with the character, so nothing really new. And I liked Green Lantern and Teen Titans. Based on that, any feedback or other recommendations>

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